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Chairman’s message

ICT industry is taken into account as one of the most pivotal elements of 4th industrial revolution which is looking for the infrastructure laid as to the Smart and Safe Cities. The corporate is seeking for expansion of Zaeim Technology Development Holding’s activities with conformity, and synergy aimed at providing hardware and software Services and Solutions for the Safe City major sectors, such as Blockchain, 5G, AI, IoT, Big Data and other relevant security platforms.

From the present global perspective, familiarity with the changing customer strategies (B2C, B2B, B2G) is a turning point in terms of “Scope of work & Point of view” for us, due to the neglect of “Intellectual Property” and the tendency to use “As a Service” technology, because of changing customer attitude in recent decades. Therefore, our agenda has become the formulation of a “Customer Sourcing Policy” based on the motto of validating the Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Our vision, including prospects and potential objectives, concerning the corporate tremendous capabilities in the telecommunication indusry, is as follows:

One of the Top-leading in the sphere of Telecommunication Industry for the next two years
Supplying electronic and telecommunication requirements for Automobile Industry
Developing interuniversity Research Center
Setting up and supporting ICT-oriented Start-ups
Establishment of reference labs and type approval centers for radio monitoring products
Teaming up to leverage Drone (UAV)-oriented projects

Services and Products Portfolio, Export Advantages and Potentials

Professional Mobile Radio (Digital Trunk)
Optical Transmission Network
Optical Access Network
Communications & Signaling in the Rail Industry projects
Integrated Telecommunication Solutions Provider
Spectrum Monitoring
Satellite Monitoring
Remote Sensing
Cellular Monitoring
Secure Communications
Data Centers Design and Integration (Passive, Active, Power, Cooling system, Security and etc.)
E-Government Projects
FTTx Network Planning and Implementation


Research & Development
Production (Prototyping, Mass Production & OEM)
Total Solutions Providing
Designing, Implementation and Installation
Maintenance & Repair
Support & Services
Projects Execution (EPC, BOT, MC, DBFO ,DCMF, …)

Zaeim Holding’s Fields of Activity

Growth Statistics (2000-2020)

Zaeim Holding’s Products Quantity

Zaeim Holding’s R&D General Trend
General Trend

SWOT of Zaeim Technology Development  Holding

Export Markets & Company Incentives for Influence and Expansion in International Markets

• Executed Projects in MENA
o Regulatory Bodies
o Telecommunications Infrastructure Companies
o Fix and Mobile Network Operators
o In-Building Wireless Solution (IBWS), Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
o Railway & Subway Industry

Competitive Advantages

Offering Competitive and Reasonable prices
Wide range After-sales, Long-term Services
High Quality Products
Having Footsteps on Market Segments, which do not Appeal to Major Global Competitors Economically

Investment Opportunities in Projects & Priorities

Private Networks (LTE, …)
Massive MIMO
E-Band Radio Link
Internet of Things
Smart City

Customers and Clients

Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC)
Telecommunication Company of the I.R. IRAN (TCI)
The I.R. IRAN Telecommunication Research Center
Mobile Service Provider Companies
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Communication Regulatory Authority of the I.R. IRAN
Railways of the I.R. IRAN (RAI)
Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co.
National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)
Persian Oil and Gas Company (P.O.G.C)
Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Co. (IOPTC)
South Pars Gas Complex (phases 9, 10, 20, and 21)
Persian Gulf Star Oil Company (P.G.S.O.C)
National Tax Admission Organization of the I.R. IRAN
The I.R. IRAN Grid Management (IGMC)
The I.R. IRAN Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO)
The I.R. IRAN Meteorological Organization
National Rating Center of the I.R. IRAN Chamber
Automotive Industry
Mega Malls


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