Construction Permits

Construction Permits

Regulation of construction is critical to protect the public. But it needs to be efficient, to avoid excessive constraints on a sector that plays an important part in every economy. Where complying with building regulations is excessively costly in time and money, many builders opt out. They may pay bribes to pass inspections or simply build illegally, leading to hazardous construction that puts public safety at risk. Where compliance is simple, straightforward and inexpensive, everyone is better off.

Procedures to legally build a warehouse (number)

  • Submitting all relevant documents and obtaining all necessary clearances, licenses, permits and certificates
  • Submitting all required notifications and receiving all necessary inspections
  • Obtaining utility connections for water and sewerage
  • Registering and selling the warehouse after its completion
  • Time required to complete each procedure (calendar days)
  • Does not include time spent gathering information
  • Each procedure starts on a separate day— though procedures that can be fully completed online are an exception to this rule Procedure considered completed once final document is received
  • No prior contact with officials
  • Cost required to complete each procedure (% of warehouse value)
  • Official costs only, no bribes
  • Building quality control index (0-15)
  • Sum of the scores of six component indices:
    - Quality of building regulations (0-2)
    - Quality control before construction (0-1)
    - Quality control during construction (0-3)
    - Quality control after construction (0-3)
    - Liability and insurance regimes (0-2)
    - Professional certifications (0-4)

Summary of time, cost and procedures for dealing with construction permits in Iran

Source: Doing Business database.                       * Takes place simultaneously with another procedure.

Building Quality Control Index

The building quality control index is the sum of the scores on the quality of building regulations, quality control before construction, quality control during construction, quality control after construction, liability and insurance regimes, and professional certifications indices.

The index ranges from 0 to 15, with higher values indicating better quality control and safety mechanisms in the construction permitting system.

Summary of quality control and safety mechanisms in Iran, Islamic Rep.

Source: Doing Business database.


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