Iran Mercantile Exchange

Iran Mercantile Exchange

Iran Mercantile Exchange

Iran Mercantile Exchange, as a well- established commodity market in the Middle East region, was launched in September 2007 in accordance with Iran’s 4th Development Plan, and following the mergers of the agricultural and metal exchanges of Tehran. The merger marked a new chapter in Iran capital market providing trading opportunities for local and foreign merchants. One of the IME goals is to become the price reference for commodities in petroleum, petrochemical, industrial and mineral asset classes.
Due to Iran’s high capacities and relative advantages in production of some commodities including oil by- products and petrochemicals producers have long been craving for Iran to play an effective role to become price maker of petroleum products in the international market.

Trading Floors

Export trading floor of IME located in Kish Island has provided unrestricted access for traders and international participants to trade large amount of commodities especially oil byproducts
and petrochemicals.

 IME trading floor


Industrial Products and Commodities:

The ferrous and non- ferrous metals such as Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc and Lead in various form, dimension and sizes, different types of Cement, Coke, Precious Metals Concentrate, and other basic products are traded in the industrial trading session from 10:30 to 12:00 (+3.5 GMT), at the trading floor through semi electronic open outcry.
Gold : Gold bullions having different fineness from 999.9 to 900, are traded from 12:00 to 12:30 in the trading floor
Oil Products and Petrochemicals : Oil related products range from Bitumen, Base oil, Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, RPO, Carbon black, Chemical products and Petrochemicals like PP, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, Aromatics, SBR, PS, MS, and many others. The trades in this group are carried out from 13:30 to 16:00
Agricultural : The agricultural products traded in IME range from cereals to oilseeds to oilcakes and other grains and products like wheat, feed wheat, feed barley, yellow corn, maize, raisin, lentil, chick peas, sugar, meat, eggs, saffron, pistachio, traded in the fully electronic multi- commodity trading system.
Multi- Commodity : All agriculture products and some oil products like Bitumen, VB and Lubcuts are traded in the multi- commodity system from 12:30 to 12:50.
Gold Coin Futures : Traded as one of the most active and successful underlying assets in the futures contracts in IME. Trading hour ranges from 10:00 to 18:00.

Offerings and Orders

Offerings are the commodities in the spot market, which are announced and notified 24 hours, before trading takes place, through the exchange website “” so the sellers and clients would be able to place their orders with the brokers and rest assured for trading to be matched and cleared.
In the derivatives market the clients order their trades as per specifications of the futures contract and in accordance to the order
types specified in terms of order validity and the price. Around 55 brokerage firms are licensed to trade futures for their clients. At the same time 4 consecutive contract months issued for the investors.


Spot Trading Resulting in Physical Delivery :

Based on the settlement and clearing terms and conditions mentioned in the offering notice, the industrial, petroleum and agricultural products and commodities are traded in following mechanisms:
– Cash trades : It is defined as prompt cash payment against taking prompt delivery. After matching the trade, the buyer shall pay the full amount of the contract value. The clearing house issues the warehouse warrant (receipt) and the customer takes the delivery of the commodity within 72 hours or more but limited to 10 days as per- offering notice delivery information.
– Forward : It is prompt payment against forward date delivery. The client pays in advance the contract value effective after matching the trade and receives the commodity by virtue of the warrant issued by the clearing house within the period specified in the offering notice on delivery information. The seller receives the contract value within 72 hours or within the time specified in the offering notice but not later than 10 days. The offering details and delivery date is also announced to the brokers by the trading floor supervisor before the trade.
– Credit : It functions as deferred payment against prompt delivery. In this type of transaction, the buyer pays in different payment according to the terms stated in the notice of offering and receives the commodity in advance after matching the trade and based on the warrant issued by the clearing house. The seller shall receive money from the clearing house within the period specified in the notice of offering.

General Trading Data

Trading Fees in the IME Spot Market – Except Agricultural Products

Trading Fees for IME Agricultural Products

Futures Trading

According to the trading rules of the futures market, futures trading is broker- based so the clients must place their orders as per contract specification with one of the brokers licensed for futures trading. The initial margins are paid by the clients to their own specific account code named in the name of the clients but the clearing house is the sole authority for transferring the margins or other charges and fees among the client accounts. The bid and orders are placed electronically in quos waiting for their identical price to be matched. During the course of trading the clients are in contact with their brokers adjusting their bid or price based on the price information, volatility factors and the news in the national or international markets. Trading commences dynamically from 10:00 to 18:00 and by matching of the prices of bids and asks open positions or open interests are formed which may remain up to the end of the trading session or are offset and closed by the broker in the client’s request. At the end of the trading hour a daily settlement price is calculated and announced by the clearing house
for the settlement of the contracts and clearing the risky accounts. The C/H issues margin calls for the lower- than- the- maintenance amount client accounts to bring the amount of their account to the initial margin level. At the end of the contract month those clients who are interested in physical delivery of the underlying asset may take or make delivery of the commodity subject of the
contract. To become a customer of the futures market, one shall follow the below process:
– Opening account with IME clearing house via a broker
– Initial margin payment/ placing orders /confirming the price or validity of the order and matching the orders based on the price and the time of order placed and registered in the order book of the client and exchange
– Delivery of the underlying asset at sellers- buyers option

The Built- in Clearing House

the clearing house is the counter- party of the trade partners, which is assigned to clear the contracts and ensuring the settlement and delivery where applied.

Derivatives Market Trading Fees


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