Success Stories

Success Stories

By commencing the new year, Iran is going to unveil new investment and business opportunities. Major mineral and oil resources, vast infrastructures, intact investment opportunities, the rich and respectable culture and the internal stability, all indicate that Iran is the land of opportunities and economic potentials. “A country which should be rediscovered for its abundant opportunities and rich resources”.

The lifting of sanctions actually caused Iranian economy re-enter global market, which was also welcomed by foreign countries. Accordingly, following the JCPOA, various business delegations, especially Europeans entered Iran. More than 200 economic envoys from the European Union signed memoranda, contracts and business documents with Iran, as some of which are currently in process. By raising credit rating after JCPOA, Iran has concluded more than 12 bn USD in FDI and financing of 40 bn USD for various projects development.

The most important Post-JCPOA agreements


Contract Value                                                        


TOTAL Co.                                              

2     bn EUR                                 

Oil purchase

Shell Co.

2     bn USD                                          

Oil purchase of 130,000 bbl /d          


4.8  bn USD                                

The South Pars Phase 11                                    

SKE & C (S. Korea)

1.8  bn USD                      

Tabriz Petrochemicals rebuild             

United International (Turkey)

4.2  bn USD              

7 Natural gas power plants                        


1.2  bn USD                  

Abadan Petrochemical Complex phase 1                 

Shell Co.


Study of  three oil and gas fields e.g. Azadegan & Yadavaran

MECI Group (Switzerland)

750 mn EUR        

Wind power plant construction in northern Iran          

Peugeot (France)

940 mn USD                        

Auto joint manufacturing      

Renault (France)

350 mn USD      

Auto joint manufacturing      

Volkswagen's German


Sales of two vehicle models and the company return to Iran                

Air Bus (France)

20    bn USD                

Delivery of more than 100 Airbus planes         

ATR (Italy)

536  mn USD                              

Delivery of 20 ATR aircrafts                 

Boeing (USA)

16.6 bn USD                                            

Buying 80 aircrafts        

Italian Railways

1.4   bn USD               

Investing in the construction of railways                  

Siemens (Germany)

2.2   bn USD                

Production & equipping of rail fleet                          

Alstom SA (France)


Construction of Train and Metro                                 

Transmash holding (Russia)



Ober Bank (Austria)

1     bn EUR                                                          


Danske Bank (Denmark)

500 mn   EUR                                                


Invitalia Global (Italy)

5     bn EUR                                      


CITIC Trust (China)

28   bn USD                                         


Eximbank  (S. Korea)

8     bn EUR            


Vnesheconom bank (Russia)

2.2  bn EUR            


For many years, Iran has been more known in political aspects and less concerned in economic and business issues by the world. Lack of international promotion on economic arena has led to neglecting Iranian potentials, and foreign delegations are surprised at different infrastructures and advantages, admitting that Iran is not fairly well understood in global setting. By providing relevant information concerning Iran's potentials and capabilities, the current report will open a gate for foreign investors into Iranian economy.



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